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Monday, June 12, 2006


4 years later/The Gidney issue
Current mood: contemplative

Right before I left Florida for the LA Convergence I had the misfortune to be approached on this site by someone purporting to seek my online friendship.

After checking out this person's page, I noted affiliation with what I myself and the Church of Satan consider a "pseudo-Satanic group."  Regardless, I wrote a brief, but not unfriendly response informing the person requesting my friendship that I wish them well but that I do not link with anyone affiliated with such a group.

You'd have thought I killed his  puppy.  In retrospect I should have simply wrote "Fuck off," because my would-be friend responded with such vitriole and intensity that even my kind words were fodder for attacks.

After stating that I must have denied him because I was concerned with my status in the CoS, he continued claiming all sorts of nonsense including that the CoS had been "stolen" from Karla LaVey.  After a good giggle (and informing him that I thought Karla was an idiot and a name-dropping gutterslut), I left for LA.

Knowing that the majority of moderators and Church clergy were in LA, and evidently being unaware that folks have mobile computers, this moron went to my chosen playground (LttD) and attempted to humiliate me, and by extension the CoS by dragging up old news.  Luckily the offending post was removed promptly, and everyone I know who saw it once again displayed the decency and kindness I have grown to count on.

That being said, perhaps it is time (once again) to address the issue.

Although the divorce is not final, I have been separated from William Gidney for four years.  For 3 and 3/4 years I have been loved, cared for, and engaged to the most amazing man on the planet.  For 3 years Gidney has been in prison w.here he is sentenced to stay until 2012.

Gidney was/is a monster.  He was also a very successful sociopath, fooling large numbers of otherwise intelligent people.  Additionally I was guilty of a major Satanic sin:  Counter-productive pride. For years I was too prideful to admit the huge mistake I had made in marrying and supporting him.  Instead of facing my mistake I endured, covered-up, and otherwise protected William from himself.

I left William the very day I discovered his crimes.

I spent the next year assisting law enforcement and the victims to gain a conviction. 

When given the option of going to trial and facing 30 years or pleading guilty and taking ten plus ten of sex-offender probation, Gidney took the 10---knowing he was guilty as homemade sin.

The Church of Satan faced this with me.  Although it was as embarrassing for them---having a member of the Priesthood accused--they did not do what every other religious organization does and hide or move the offender.  They didn't give up on me, either.  It certainly would have been less embarrassing for them to throw me out with Gidney, but they became my strongest support system.  They did the right thing, as hard as it was, and excommunicated Gidney, and stood by me and the victims.  As a result every anti-CoS asshole brings up Gidney whenever they want to hurt the CoS, unaware that, in my opinion and that of victims everywhere, they did the most noble thing possible.

Like some weird virus, the topic is consistantly brought up, spread about, and used to denigrate whenever some twit gets his panties in a bunch.  Apparently uncaring that there are real victims of  real crimes, these losers ignore the integrity displayed by the CoS, and attack out of spite.

I have done my penance.  This ordeal is life-changing, and for the victims, never-ending.  It is real.  The pain is real, and those who use it to attempt to damage the CoS are doing so on the backs of real victims who did nothing to deserve it.

No one needs to tell me that just being with Gidney makes my judgement questionable.  I cannot argue with those who use my previous affiliation with Gidney to call me stupid.  Mea fuckin' culpa.  Obviously I have learned a lot, changed a lot, and grown exponentially as a result of my horrific mistake---but others don't know me and can only judge what they see.

However stupid I may be personally the Church of Satan behaved in a heroic manner.  When every "traditional" religion from the Catholics to the Mormons excuse, transfer, or cover-up their pedophile clergy, the CoS excommunicated Gidney as soon as the arrest warrants were signed.  They stood by me, as well as the victims.  With little or no regard to those waiting for an opportunity to shit on them, the CoS did the right thing.  This isn't about good guy badges, but about genuinely doing what is right. and anyone who claims otherwise is a shallow, loveless, petty moron.

So.........there ya have it.  My loyalty to the CoS is based not on position, standing, mystique or delusion.  It is based on a reciprocal respect and the knowledge that under the very worst of circumstances they will respond with the most Satanic of  actions.

Hail Satan!

Hail the Church of Satan!

Priestess Ygraine



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Beautifully written, Miss Y!

We seem to stick by the Church of Satan for the same reasons. Justice, Honor and No Bullshit!

Until that day that our paths eventually cross again, I tip my glass to you and yours.

Posted by Scott on Monday, June 12, 2006 at 11:24 AM
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Magister Ventrue

You have always had my support and my admiration. In truth I never liked Gidney from the start (way back in my chatroom days). I tolerated him because of my enjoyment in my friendship with you. You have always been a good friend and I have never thought anything bad of you!

Anyone who wants to give you grief can come see me first, I'll make sure they "get the point" !!!

You are a stand up person, nothing anyone can say will ever change that. If anyone believes these idiots lies, well its their loss!

I do hope one day this will all just be a bad distant memory.

Posted by Magister Ventrue on Monday, June 12, 2006 at 11:40 AM
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Hydra M. Star

Dearest new friend Rev. Ygraine,

It is a shame that this old news had to be rehashed and the scar reopened.  However, you handled it with a degree of dignity that is expected of a lady and I commend you for that far more then I could ever condemn you for your mistake.  The person that had the poor taste to again bring this to your doorstep is a flea, but sadly one of many.  The fact that such people spend so much of their time trying to defame the Church of Satan and its individual members is not only a miserable excuse for a life, but usually only serves to bring out the best in the church as it did in this case.


Posted by Hydra M. Star on Monday, June 12, 2006 at 2:04 PM
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Good gravy!!!  I think you should copyright ALL of this drama, sell it to Aaron Spelling (or those BBC folks who make Footballers Wives) and then sit back and rake in the cash.  You are a doll and I love that I got to meet you in Vegas.  You shouldn't have to deal with all this but then again, we often learn the most in situations like this.  Do stay strong (as I know you will) and know that a majority of us simply roll our eyes when we see yet another monkey  drag this nonsense up again. 


Posted by Josephine on Tuesday, June 13, 2006 at 8:38 AM
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I commend you on being steadfast in your convictions. You went through so much and have over came it all. That is what matters. As far as your detractors, they wish they could be as strong as you.

Posted by Citizen_Dracul on Thursday, June 15, 2006 at 11:35 AM
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The jackals will yap no matter what:  their scorn is as meaningless as their praise.  Hell, it's a badge of honor to be counted among the enemies of Tani Jantsang, Paul  "I stole my neighbor's birdseed and David Hasslehof's haircut" Valentine and their ilk. 

We all make mistakes.  When they blow up in our face, we accept responsibility, clean up the mess as best we can, and try to avoid making the same errors in the future.  That's exactly what you did, and that's all that you need to concern yourself with.

When will you be back in the City, btw? Kathy and I would love to get together with you and touch base about old times.

Posted by Kenaz on Friday, October 06, 2006 at 4:02 PM
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I commend your strength and the strength of those around you, you are a very strong woman.. I know this from what i read on your page and from what your daughter has told me..  Loyalty and Strength are together unstoppable...


Posted by jaded♥ on Thursday, November 16, 2006 at 1:21 AM
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i know this is late in response maybe by 7 or so months... But Congratulations on  having a "family" that takes care of its own.. Knowing right from wrong.... The rest of your family is just as strong and as beautiful....

Posted by jaded♥ on Thursday, January 25, 2007 at 12:05 PM
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Da'vid White

He manipulated and lied to a lot of people, myself included. It was horrific to find out that someone I had considered a friend and ally for a few years turned out to be a complete scumbag that was simply after the women I just so happened to surround myself with as my chosen confidants.

Some of them, at the time, being minors (I was a minor when he first associated with me). I don't see what this has to do with your credibility. We all make mistakes in judgment and indeed it taught me a valuable lesson on whom I trust and why. It is our fallibility that makes philosophy and reasoning necessary and no one is no less an outstanding human being because of our inevitable failings in perception.

It's true that he embarrassed a lot of people. He embarrassed me. There are some that I still haven't seen around since this whole ordeal but perhaps that is unfounded since their disenchantment shouldn't hinge upon one inmate.

As I said when all of this first started, you have my condolences and my empathy. Now, seeing as how this is being rehashed after so many years, I'll state that it's outright fucking pitiful that someone would EVER berate you because of this.

Best wishes and I hope our paths cross soon,
Mister White

Posted by Da'vid White on Monday, August 27, 2007 at 4:47 PM
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