File: LVCrt-01


This agreement entered into between Diane Hegarty (hereafter Diane)
and Anton S. LaVey (hereafter Anton) is made with respect to the
following facts which the parties agree to be true.


A. The parties wish to memorialize their relationship and the nature
of the property they acquired over the 23-year period of their

B. The parties have been equal partners in the enterprise of
establishing, promoting, and operating the business known as the
Church of Satan, based in the parties' residence located at 6114
California Street, San Francisco, California (hereafter "the
business"). Since April 4, 1984 Diane has been forced to give up her
role in operating the business, though she continues to work in the
business while Anton manages it.

C. The parties have been equal partners in the writing, editing, and
publishing of certain books and texts.

D. Diane had primary responsibility for maintaining the family
residence, and for rearing Anton's daughter Karla LaVey and the
parties' daughter Zeena LaVey.


1. Diane owns the personal property, being property owned prior to
commencing the relationship, listed in Attachment #A attached hereto
and incorporated into this agreement by reference.

2. Anton owns the personal property, being property owned prior to
commencing the relationship, listed in Attachment #B attached hereto
and incorporated into this agreement by reference.

3. The parties agree that all property shown on Attachments #A and
#B is and shall remain the separate property of the person owning it
as of the date of this agreement, and that neither acquires any
right or interest in the property of the other by this agreement.
Neither party may acquire any interest in the property of the other
as set forth in Attachments #A and #B except by an instrument in
writing executed after the date of this agreement by the owner of
the property.

4. The property listed in Attachment #C, attached hereto and
incorporated by reference, is property owned jointly and constitutes
all the property acquired by the parties during their partnership.

-- a. Diane and Anton each have an undivided one-half interest in
this property.

-- b. As both Anton and Diane have an undivided one-half interest in
this property, neither can sell, trade, hypothecate, or in any way
dispose or remove any item of property without the other's written

-- c. Insurance on all property, real and personal, listed in
Attachment #C will be maintained at all times in the name of both
Diane and Anton. Premiums for this insurance shall be paid by Anton,
and he shall send a copy of the cancelled premium check to Diane
upon its receipt from the bank.

5. The property listed in Attachment #D is business property owned
solely by the business. As such it cannot be sold, traded,
hypothecated, or in any way disposed of without the written
agreement of both Diane and Anton.

6. In the event that either party desires to sell, transfer, or
otherwise dispose of any item, real or personal, listed on
Attachment #C, or wishes to purchase or otherwise obtain the other's
half-interest in such property, the party so desiring shall notify
the other party in writing of the desire to take such action. Both
parties must agree to any transaction involving any property listed
on Attachment #C, and this agreement must be in writing. Each party
shall be compensated for one-half the value of any property removed
from the list. If the parties cannot agree on the value of the
property to be sold, the parties shall obtain the service of an
independent appraiser appropriate for the type of property involved.
The parties must agree on the appraiser chosen, and each shall pay
one-half of the appraiser's fee.

7. In order to preserve the business, the result of the parties'
creative endeavors during the life of the partnership, and the
unique value of the property listed in Attachment #C, Diane and
Anton agree that each shall bequeath their 50% interest to the other
upon their death. Diane and Anton also agree that the surviving
party shall bequeath this property equally to Karla and Zeena LaVey
upon surviving the party's death.

8. Diane and Anton agree that Diane has never been compensated for
the work listed in paragraphs #B and #D above, and has not been
fully compensated for the work listed in paragraph #C. Diane will
retain her one-half interest of the business; however Anton will
manage the business. In consideration for past services rendered to
the business, and participation in the development of the business,
the parties agree that commencing March 1, 1985 the business will
pay Diane 50% of gross income each month, with a minimum sum of $400
being paid each month. One-half of this sum will be paid on the
first, and one-half on the fifteenth of the month. Diane may ask
for, and Anton will provide within ten days of the request, a
written accounting of the business' gross income for each and any

9. Both parties shall have access to the real property. However, no
later than January 1, 1986, a separate outside entrance will be
built to the top floor of the real property described in Attachment
#C. This floor will be set aside for Diane's exclusive use, will be
locked off from the lower floors, and Diane will have all keys to
the entrance. All labor, materials, and costs associated with this
improvement will be paid by Anton, or attached to the house payment
via a home improvement loan and thus paid by both Diane and Anton.
Diane and Anton agree to work together in planning this improvement;
however it is understood that gas and electric lines will be added
to allow stove and refrigerator use on this floor.

10. As both parties have a desire to use the Kaypro computer they
jointly own, use will be shared as follows: Diane will pick up the
computer on or after the last day of each month and will have
exclusive use of it at her home or place of employment through the
15th of the following month. Diane will return the computer to 6114
California Street, San Francisco, California on the 16th of each
month where it will remain for Anton's exclusive use until the last
day of the month. Anton will assume Diane will use the computer
during her portion of the month unless she advises him to the

11. The parties jointly own several automobiles, which shall be
divided as follows: Diane: 1967 Jaguar, Calif. plate 666FHZ. Anton:
1936 Cord, Calif plate BOM666; 1972 Datsun 280, 1976 Cadillac

12. In consideration for Diane's assistance in the writing, editing,
and publishing of Anton's books the _Satanic Bible_ and _Satanic
Rituals_, Anton agrees to continue paying Diane 10% of all royalties
for each book. For the same consideration, should _The Compleat
Witch_ or any portion of it be reprinted, Anton agrees to pay Diane
10% of all royalties for this book. Finally, for the same
consideration, should _The Devil's Notebook_ or any portion of it be
published, Anton agrees to pay Diane 10% of all royalties for this
book. Diane may ask for, and Anton shall provide within ten days of
the request, a written accounting of the royalties for each and
every royalty period. Any other writings or texts by the parties
from the date of this agreement shall be their own separate

13. Neither party has any right to support or maintenance from the
other, except for those payments provided in this agreement.

14. The consideration for this agreement is the mutual promises of
the parties contained herein, and past professional contributions
rendered to the business over 23 years.

15. Both parties agree that this contract contains their entire
agreement, and that there are no representations, either oral or
written, made by either party and relied upon by the other, except
those contained in this agreement. This agreement may not be altered
or amended except by a written agreement executed hereafter and
signed by both parties, and which specifically makes reference to
this contract.

16. Both parties agree that if a dispute arises regarding
interpretation or enforcement of this agreement that the parties
cannot resolve, any consequent litigation costs and/or attorney fees
shall be recovered as costs of suit by the prevailing party.

17. Both parties agree that the various provisions contained in this
agreement are severable. If any provision of this agreement is held
to be invalid or unenforceable, all other provisions shall
nevertheless continue in full force and effect.

18. Both parties agree that he or she has had this agreement fully
explained to him or her, and is fully aware of the contents thereof
and of its legal effect. Both parties have been advised, and
understand the need to consult separate attorneys regarding this
agreement for review of this agreement, and before signing it. Each
party disclaims the existence of any duress or pressure by reason of
which this agreement has been urged upon him or her, and avers that
he or she has freely and voluntarily executed this agreement for his
or her own benefit and advantage as expressed in this agreement.

19. This agreement shall be construed under the laws of the State of
California, and enforcement shall be based on case law existent at
the time of execution.

20. Both parties agree that within 30 days after signing this
agreement, either can call a meeting to divide between them all the
jointly-owned property specified in this agreement, selling any
remainder, including the house, as specified in paragraph #6 above.

/s/ Diane Hegarty, 26 April 1985
/s/ Anton Szandor LaVey, 25 April 1985


1. 1974 Gremlin, California license plate TGD-313.
2. Kenmore 19" black & white television.
3. Sony 19" color television.
4. Hitachi VCR.
5. Oak desk.
6. IBM Selectric typewriter.
7. Folding all-purpose table.
8. Double mattress and box spring.
9. Maple desk.
10. Wooden book shelves.
11. Globe.
12. Black cube with 3 drawers.
13. _Webster's Third International Dictionary_.


1. Household furnishings consisting of a bed, dresser, small couch,
sling chairs, hall table, step stool.
2. Personal library.
3. Rolaflex camera.
4. Miscellaneous darkroom equipment.
5. Firearm.
6. Stool with horn legs.
7. Antique silver teapot.
8. Egyptian canopic jar.
9. Egyptian antique skull.
10. Byzantine phallus.
11. Antique marble topstand and pitcher.
12. Wall mirror.
13. Hotpoint stove,
14. Wooden bookcase.
15. Stuffed jaguar.
16. "Equality" painting.
17. Personal paintings.
18. Antique water pipe.
19. Antique Crowley pipe.
20. Stuffed wolf.
21. _Encyclopaedia Brittanica_, 9th & 11th Editions.

APRIL 10, 1985

Real Property:

1. Residence commonly known as 6114 California Street, San
Francisco, California and legally described in a Joint Tenancy Grant
Deed to Anton S. LaVey and Diane E. LaVey, recorded in Book _____,
Page _____ in the office of the County Recorder of San Francisco,
County of California.

Personal Property:

1. Three 4-drawer metal file cabinets.
2. IBM Executive typewriter.
3. Work table.
4. Shelves over table and desk.
5. 2 industrial-type metal supply shelves.
6. 1 simulated woodgrain metal shelves.
7. 1 small formica-topped shelves.
8. 1 wooden bookcase (painted blue).
9. Infant wardrobe.
10. Wall mirror.
11. Assorted office supplies.
12. 2 telephone answering machines: 1 Message Minder, 1 Record-a-
13. Panasonic table model radio.
14. Salon-type hair dryer.
15. Black cube with drawers.
16. Bentwood coat rack.
17. Collapsable bookshelves composed of six plastic crates & 4
18. Bunk beds.
19. Maple dresser.
20. Wardrobe.
21. Metal (simulated woodgrain) shelves.
22. Brown upholstered chair.
23. Cabinet with storable table.
24. Pink shelves.
25. Pink corner hamper.
26. Cohn theatre-type organ and 2 Leslie speakers.
27. Vinyl love seat.
28. Round antique chair (from Hellfire Club).
29. Russian sleigh chair.
30. Antique leopard chair.
31. Gold upholstered chair.
32. William Mortenson print (shrouded figure with girl).
33. Phoenix wall hanging.
34. Large silver ball (approximately 7" diameter).
35. Chrome & glass coffee table.
36. 15" Sony color TV.
37. RCA video recorder.
38. RCA color video camera.
39. Brass bowl (approximately 7" diameter).
40. Brass peacock.
41. Professional quality brass gong.
42. Flacon with "nightmare" heads.
43. Tall (crossed) medieval implements.
44. Bed of nails.
45. Thoreson music box.
46. Mechanical bird music box.
47. Victrola.
48. Enamel triptych.
49. Antique mantel.
50. Candle holders.
51. Crystal sword and stone letter opener.
52. Black Madonna sculpture.
53. Custom-made carpet, 5' diameter, with pentagram.
54. Art Deco custom carpet, 9'x12'.
55. Classic wood coffin.
56. Reproduction of outer sarcophagus of Tutankhamun.
57. 16mm sound projector.
58. Professional quality screen.
59. Table.
60. Coat rack.
61. Painting of skull in field.
62. Naugahide couch.
63. Antique Victrola cabinet.
64. Naugahide recliner chair.
65. Tombstone coffeetable.
66. "The Great Books" and case for them.
67. Yuggothian metal sculpture.
68. Wood and fabric chair.
69. Antique examination table and stool.
70. Antique diathermy machine.
71. Glass "brain".
72. Ball.
73. Magic mirror (carved mirror with neon optical effect).
74. Rose painting.
75. Bandicoot.
76. Stereo.
77. Video cameras: 1 Sony black/white, 1 Sony color.
78. 5" Toshiba color TV.
79. Crystal ball.
80. Assorted collector's movie posters.
81. Devil bust.
82. Rose painting.
83. Tree painting.
84. Crystal ram.
85. Kenmore frost-free refrigerator.
86. G.E. dishwasher.
87. Glass-top table and director's chairs.
88. Juno 60 synthesizer.
89. Prophet 5 synthesizer.
90. Crumar Orchestrator (synthesizer).
91. Professional rack (to hold synthesizers).
92. Electronic portable piano.
93. Toscan 244 Portastudio.
94. Sanyo cassette player and copier.
95. Korg EPS1.
96. Moog-Tauruspace II.
97. Roland Drumatix.
98. Keyboard Roland amplifier.
99. Superscope cassette recorder.
100. Kaypro 10 business computer.
101. Okidata printer.
102. Brother printer.
103. G.E. toaster oven.
104. Small 3-shelf case.
105. Woman/haunted house painting.
106. Antique orange drink sign.
107. Posters.
108. Fruit ripener bowl.
109. Wooden magazine rack.
110. TV trays.
111. 4 director's chairs.
112. Assorted dishes, pots & pans, and miscellaneous kitchenware.
113. Lion candy dish.
114. Silver ice bucket.
115. Stereo.
116. Records and tapes.
117. Antique bat plate.
118. Antique cast iron full-head horned mask & brank from French
119. Shrunken head (Arthur Cort).
120. Paper-mache animal heads: cat, pig, goat, ram, dog, elephant,
hawk, Devil.
121. White antique table with drawers.
122. Wicker peacock chair.
123. Black recliner chair.
124. Black hide-a-bed.
125. 3-drawer chest.
126. 7 medieval torture implements.
127. Wooden bookcase.
128. Elevated bed.
129. Oval mirror.
130. Red custom sculptured rug.
131. 2 crossbows.
132. 7 knives/daggers.
133. Fake machine gun.
134. Antique red pitcher.
135. Antique marble & brass Devil ash tray.
136. Antique red Devil ash tray.
137. Antique magic mirror (like crystal ball).
138. 3 Robert Barbour Johnson paintings.
139. Unitech CX1212D radio/cassette.
140. Panasonic stereo.
141. Garrard turntable.
142. Large brass candle holders.
143. Tesla coil.
144. Casio 1,000P keyboard.
145. 2 wood & naugahide chairs.
146. 19" G.E. black & white televisions.
147. 1768 _Encyclopaedia Brittanica_ and case.
148. Antique wooden hexagon table.
149. Red table lamp.
150. Black carved primitive figure.
151. White chalky cup with figures around outside.
152. Mayfair cassette player.
153. Antique oriental head.
154. 3 pinball machines: 1 Satin "Doll", 1 Gottlieb "Play Ball", 1
Exhibit "Chico".
155. Lord Prayer machine.
156. Original crystal skull (artwork by Saetty).
157. Mounted _Nosferatu_ poster.
158. Black studio couch.
159. Oriental wall hanging.
160. 2 small speakers.
161. 5" Sony black & white television.
162. Hitachi VCR.
163. Hammond organ & Leslie speaker.
164. Antique Rockola jukebox.
165. Bar & 8 vintage cast-iron bar stools.
166. 6 contemporary bar stools.
167. 2 vintage heavy formica-type top tables.
168. Exercise bike.
169. Microphone.
170. Wave sound machine.
171. Combination safe.
172. Drum set with extra Zilgin cymbal & sizzle cymbal.
173. Mauser .38 automatic.
174. Stoger Luger.
175. Bauer .25 automatic.
176. Whitney Wolverine.
177. Colt .25 automatic.
178. Smith & Wesson snub-nose revolver.
179. Beretta.
180. Czechoslovakian automatic.
181. Fake machine gun.
182. Luger.
183. 2 air pistols.
184. 1 air rifle.
185. 1 collapsable rifle with floatable handle.
186. Olympus camera.
187. Pentax camera.
188. Polaroid camera.
189. Reference library.

- APRIL 10, 1985

1. Hammond organ.
2. Video camera.

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