File: LVCrt-05

6114 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94121
6 June 1990

Ms. Elizabeth Benford
1242 Market Street, Second Floor
San Francisco, CA 94102

RE: Hegarty vs. LaVey

Dear Ms. Benford,

This is a follow-up to our conversation a couple of weeks ago during
which you urged me to put in writing any reasonable offer of a
settlement Mr. LaVey would be willing to consider regarding Ms.
Hegarty's demands.

If it needs to be stated for the record, Ms. Hegarty's proposal that
Mr. LaVey list his now-historic home of 34 years for sale is
unacceptable. Bear in mind that the property, when Mr. LaVey and his
first wife purchased and renovated it, was then considered a
Victorian white elephant and sold for $9,500. We must also remember
that no formal marriage contract was ever established between Mr.
LaVey and Ms. Hegarty, though Mr. LaVey most certainly was married
when Ms. Hegarty clandestinely took up residence in the property
some five years later.

Under the conditions of the contract that Ms. Hegarty's original
legal advisor drew up, and Mr. LaVey obligingly signed, Ms. Hegarty
was granted full survivorship rights to all of Mr. LaVey's personal
property, including his California Street residence and all the
items she lists as "community property", providing nothing for his
two daughters. Mr. LaVey's agreement to those demands was apparently
not enough. It seems more that he is now being penalized for his
foresight and lifestyle.

Because of Mr. LaVey's weakened medical condition, he cannot be
expected to submit to further stressful legal demands, such as any
proposed depositions or further actions, since according to his
cardiologist those are significant to what put him in the intensive
care ward of the coronary care unit. Therefore Mr. LaVey hereby
submits the following two options for a speedy resolution to this

1. Mr. LaVey is willing to offer Ms. Hegarty half the amount of
money left ot pay on the $25,000 mortgage pending at the time that
Ms. Hegarty was added to the title on the property (6114 California
Street) by Mr. LaVey's father. This amount would, of course, be
minus what Mr. LaVey has already paid Ms. Hegarty since she left the
residence, i.e. the total amount accrued through the $400/month
installments from 1985-1989, and any money she received from the
sale of their 1967 Jaguar. The original price of the Jaguar was
$3,500 - the most Mr. LaVey had ever paid for an automobile - and it
had been meticulously maintained with only 15,000 original miles on
the odometer at the time of Ms. Hegarty's appropriation.

2. As we have tried to make abundantly clear, Mr. LaVey is in no
financial position to either take on a large mortgage, pay high
monthly rates on a loan, pay Ms. Hegarty the kind of lump sum she
has in mind, nor any further monthly installments. As Ms. Hegarty
well knows, Mr. LaVey has always arranged his life to depend on
barter more than cash and is in no position to alter that course at
this late date even if he wished to.

Therefore Mr. LaVey's daughter Karla and I have devised a plan by
which Ms. Hegarty can receive the money she feels is due her, and
perhaps Mr. LaVey can be allowed some respite from this stress so
that his overtaxed body can heal.

We propose that together she and I establish a non-profit
corporation for the express purpose of soliciting funds from the
membership of the Church of Satan to pay off Ms. Hegarty, saving
what we hold as a sacred building (also Miss LaVey's family home)
from a forced sale, and now to also save our founder and leader
Anton LaVey. This will necessitate informing the membership at large
of the facts of the case through our international newsletter and
through more direct means. Ms. Hegarty and yourself will have to be
referred to by name as initiating the case against Mr. LaVey, and we
would provide your business address and phone number, Ms. Benford,
so that our members could indeed check onthe gravity of the
situation if they so desired.

You must understand that one of the precepts of the Church of Satan
has always been that we do not solicit anything from our members,
either money or time. But, again, recent developments have forced us
to consider all possible avenues to achieve a speedy resolution to
this case. And if the membership of the Church of Satan understood
fully what is being attacked and what is in jeopardy, I have no
doubt that they would be stirred to immediate action. Whether you
realize it or not, to a lot of people the house you are attacking is
Mecca, the spot where our religion was born, and Mr. LaVey is our
religious leader. I'm not sure you understand how blindly zealous
some people can be about such things. Wars are fought, people die
over such causes. And in that light the ACLU may have an interest in
this case if it is pursued much further, as well.

I myself have been committed to Mr. LaVey and his organization for
14 years now, and am appalled and enraged by Ms. Hegarty's heartless
tactics over the last 6 years. The publication of my first book is
imminent, however, and I would be willing to donate half my earnings
from it to Ms. Hegarty if it would help preserve the Black House and
its contents - even though I would still consider these actions no
less than extortion. And I am only representative of thousands
around the world.

If this seems an attractive option to Ms. Hegarty, Miss LaVey and I
will begin the necessary paperwork and membership briefing
immediately upon your notification.

Please present these proposals to your client for her careful
consideration. Again, Ms. Benford, I appreciated your honesty and
encouragement when last we spoke, and look forward to your reply.

Most sincerely,
/s/ Blanche Barton
Secretary to Anton LaVey

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