File: LVCrt-08

Superior Court of the State of California
City and County of San Francisco

Number 891863
Diane Hegarty, Plaintiff
Anton LaVey et al., Defendants


I, Diane Hegarty, declare as follows:

1. I am the plaintiff in this matter.

2. During the 23 years I lived with defendant LaVey, his health was
always a pivotal issue. Though he refused to attend to his teeth or
his personal hygiene - never bathing or seeing a dentist - he
worried constantly about his hypertension and his heart murmur,
diagnosed by Dr. Irving Warner in 1970.

3. Dr. Warner and several other doctors recommended regular cardiac
monitoring and moderate exercise to defendant. He chose to ignore
most of their advice, particularly that pertaining to treatment. He
would keep his regularly-scheduled doctor's appointments but refused
to participate in cardiac testing, cardiac monitoring, or exercise.
Instead he would insist that his daughters and I measure his blood
pressure, using a device we had purchased for the purpose. We
sometimes performed this service for him as many as 15 times a day.
Often, if the reading was high, he would accuse me of saying or
doing something to elevate his blood pressure. He would then use the
elevated blood reading as an excuse to cancel participation in
whatever activity we had planned. Many of our friends and associates
observed these episodes.

4. I knew defendant LaVey to be an intelligent, articulate, and
charismatic man. He is extraordinarily well-read. During our life
together, his friends and acquaintances were writers, artists,
actors, businessmen, and lawyers. He never lacked for resources to
accomplish anything he wanted to do. His former lawyer is an
example: Own Mayer is related to defendant LaVey by the marriage of
defendant's father to Mr. Mayer's mother.

I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and
correct. Executed this third day of September 1991 at San Francisco,

/s/ Diane Hegarty

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