File: LVCrt-11

Superior Court of the State of California
City and County of San Francisco

Number 891863
Diane Hegarty, Plaintiff
Anton LaVey and Does I through X, inclusive, Defendants


This matter came on regularly for hearing on Wednesday, November 6,
1991 before the Honorable Ollie Marie-Victoire, Department 2 of the
Superior Court, upon plaintiff's motion to determine an amount of
reasonable attorney's fees.

Appearing as attorneys for plaintiff Diane Hegarty were Elizabeth
Benford and Jane Grieco. No appearance was made on behalf of
defendant Anton LaVey.

The court did note that it had been informed by way of a telephone
call that defendant had filed a bankruptcy petition, but no formal
notice had been received by the court at the time of the hearing.

Satisfactory proof having been made, no opposition having been
filed, and good cause appearing, it is ordered that plaintiff is
awarded the sum of $34,121.50 in attorney's fees.

Dated: December 2, 1991

/s/ Ollie Marie-Victoire, Judge of the Superior Court

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