File: LVCrt-16

United States Bankruptcy Court
Northern District of California

Chapter 11 Case No. 91-34251TC
In Re: Anton LaVey, Debtor

March 30, 1992


This matter came on regularly for preliminary hearing on February 5,
1992 before the Honorable Thomas E. Carlson. The moving party, Diane
Hegarty, appeared at the hearing by and through her attorney, Jane
Grieco. The debtor, Anton LaVey, appeared at the hearing by and
through his attorney, Scott I. Bassin.

On February 5, 1992 the court ordered the parties to agree to a
listing for sale of the property at 6114 California Street, San
Francisco, California with an appropriate real estate broker, and to
appear by February 24, 1992 for a further hearing on the issue of
relief from stay.

On February 24, 1992 the parties had not reached an agreement
regarding the listing agent for the property, and the court ordered
that the parties should either agree on a listing agent and list the
above-said property or request a conversion of this matter to a
Chapter 7 by March 15, 1992.

Now, therefore, the parties hereto stipulate and agree as follows:

A. The debtor hereby acknowledges and agrees that the subject
property, 6114 California Street, San Francisco, California, in
which he presently resides, will be listed for sale immediately. A
copy of the listing agreement with Re/Max Realty is attached hereto
as Exhibit #A and made a part hereof.

B. The debtor further agrees to execute such other and further
documents as may be reasonable or necessary to sell the subject

C. The debtor shall not interfere with the showing of the property
by the listing agent or any other brokers invited by the listing
agent to view the property.

D. The undersigned attorneys are authorized to execute this
stipulation on behalf of their respective clients.

E. The debtor hereby removes his motion to convert this matter to a
Chapter 7, and this case shall continue as a Chapter 11 until
further order of the court, without prejudice to either party to
file a further motion.

F. Diane Hegarty hereby removes her motion for relief from stay
except as to the issue of her right to adequate protection payments,
which issue shall be decided by the court.

/s/ Jane F. Grieco, Attorney for creditor Diane Hegarty
/s/ Scott I. Bassin, Attorney for debtor Anton LaVey
March 30, 1992

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