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Church of Satan Rap Sheet

"We aren't theists, waiting for someone else to 'Make it so.' As Satanists, we must take the bull by the balls and shatter all who oppose us. That is, if you really do respect those who are being attacked. You are all our shock troops, our special forces, our Waffen SS, and we'd like to see you perhaps interact with one another and coordinate your attacks on those who dare to try to besmirch our organization, and those of us who I think have earned your respect as your leaders."

- Atheist Peter H. Gilmore, "Church" of Satan High Priest

"In February the village began praying and fasting in order to rid itself of the devil's influence. The girls were pressured to reveal who in the community controlled their behavior ... Even more troubling, Tituba confessed that a conspiracy of witches permeated Salem Village ...In March the afflicted girls accused Martha Corey. The three women previously denounced as colluding with the devil were marginal to the community. Martha (Corey's accusation) as a witch demonstrated that Satan's influence reached to the very core of the community. Events snowballed as the accusatory atmosphere intensified and reached a fever pitch.... (Finally) the hysteria played itself out as criticism of the procedures grew. (But as a result of these hate speeches) Nineteen victims of the witch-hunt had been hanged, one crushed to death under the weight of stones and at least four died in prison awaiting trial."

- "The Salem Witch Trials, 1692," EyeWitness to History, (2000)

See the similarity? Whether it's the Klu Klux Klan, the Nazi Party, fundamentalist born-again Christians or modern Satanists, historically, a group that is desperate for members will seek out a common scapegoat to latch on to. Sad, that many of these members do not know history and would find their leaders far less original and clever if they did.

1. Why the negativity?

The first thing you notice in Gilmore's quote is the similarity to "Hitler-speak." Why? A dictator is very similar to a cult leader: both utilize the scapegoat. This creates the illusion of a threat. As an army of ants or a hive of bees utilize the drones to protect the queen, followers of such leaders almost share an insect mind where there is little originality, but much bravado. Of course, psychology has shown us that people in groups act out in ways that they would not do if they were alone in the same situation. Thus, it is important for the drones to have a goal. And nothing binds together a group of simple-minded people more than a common enemy. It is the simple, "us vs. them" phenomenon. Don't believe me? Check out seven year olds mocking an opposing team; "We're number one, you're number two!" And, how many employers use the team approach in order to bolster productivity? You can motivate diverse individuals by giving them pride and a goal. This is done in the boardrooms, on the football fields and in churches and meeting rooms everywhwere. Further, as those in television and radio talk will tell you, it does not take much for an experienced professional to insight and excite the average talk show guest in the "green room" of the station. In the end, all the examples we've given you utilize basic sales techniques to buy what you are selling, be it an expensive membership to a club, the idea that your neighbor is evil, the vision of your team as champions or that your pastor's interpretation of the bible is the only one, true way.

2. Brand name recognition pays off.

Every year, billions of dollars are spent by companies to instill in the minds and hearts of consumers, the quality of and necessity for their particular product. Today, we don't ask for a tissue, but a Kleenex (TM). If your boss asks for a Xerox of that report, you'll know what to do. If you order Pepsi, don't be surprised if the waiter asks, "Is Coke okay?" Does it matter that your phone is from AT&T (TM) or your new pet eats Puppy Chow (TM)? Ask a beer drinker, a skier, a stock car race fan, a young mother or a cigarette smoker if brand matters. Further, if you were to ask the Pepsi drinker why his version was better than the generic cola, or as Mrs. Brown why she continues to go to the same Baptist Church, don't expect an intelligent answer. Habits die hard. The frequency and repitition of the message or the action make a distinct difference.

Do you realize that advertisers spend billions of dollars to place their name on a blimp, a billboard or to plaster their name all over a NASCAR team? One has to wonder if Pepsi is better than budget cola or if we simply believe it's better from what we've seen, read and heard. Also, they tell us that joining the Church of Satan grants one a special "badge of honor." To borrow a quote from the Treasure of Sierra Madre, as Satanists, "We don't need no stinkin' badges!"

3. Gullibility is not congruent with independent thought.

Does it make sense that independent thinkers are even lured by advertising tactics or cult leaders with tired, worn-out, regurgitated hate speeches?

4. You can't celebrate life, yet declare it meaningless.

If you read the Satanic Bible and LaVey's whole idea of an "impersonal force" or intelligence behind the Universe - his book clearly promoted Deism or more precisely, Panentheism and magic. He was not trying to promote materialistic atheism, which is the belief that life is meaningless, there is no intelligence behind the Universe and everything that brought us to where we are now is some kind of freak accident or incredible stroke of luck.

In his attempt to distance himself from the alleged "pseudo-Satanists", Peter Gilmore promoted materialistic atheism. But, in promoting this philosophy, was not LaVey's magic and Deism somehow lost in the process? And, why did he adopt the title, "Magus?" In Webster's Dictionary, this word means "magician" or "sorceror." This does not tie in neatly with materialistic atheism.

The point is, even if you agree with Peter Gilmore and you're a total atheist, why use LaVey's name and reputation to get your point across? Gilmore could start his own Church of Satanic Atheism and most would be pleased.

5. A New Witch Hunt Begins

For many years, "Magus" Gilmore has been using his time and energy to expose other Satanic groups and their leaders as "bunco" or "untermensch" or "alleged pedophiles". Did he not realize that an obsession can become a curse? To quote Nietzsche, "Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

6. Docket #K65760

Rev. William Gidney or Jesus of Borg was grotto master for the Nepotism Grotto of the Church of Satan. He was married to Gabrielle, a serial abuse victim who calls herself "Ygraine." She, along with other Church of Satan members, frequently accused critics of the organization of being child molesters on alt.satanism, an Internet newsgroup. Gossip concerning these allegations quickly spread and were widely disseminated. Ygraine's hubby, William, did nothing about this hysterical behavior. Apologies came from those susceptible to this slander, but they arrived too late. Scuttlebutt or gossip continued for many years and the lives of innocent people were badly damaged.

Often, in the law, one hears talk about the "objective theory" where jurors when deciding a verdict, are instructed to base their decision as a reasonable sane person would do in same or similar circumstances. Did anyone ever check with law enforcement or the websites that list sex offenders? No. Ygraine allegedly lacked the capacity to figure this one out, but she was able to understand the importance of the justice system when her own husband was accused of this crime.

Rev. Gidney was arrested in July 2003 for at least three counts of felony sex assault/abuse of a minor child. He was living in Pennsylvania with an anonymous woman who was carrying his boy-child at the time of his arrest. The woman ultimately decided to give up the child for adoption upon his birth on March 4, 2004.

Ygraine Gidney is currently a high ranking Magistra in the Church of Satan. She allegedly continues to torment complete strangers, accusing them of sexual deviancy, but seems to refuse to deal with her own demons. Take, for instance Ygraine's recent love interest, Jim Mitchell, professional wrestler and celebrity priest in the Church of Satan. In the new book about WWE champion Chris Benoit's death, Ring of Hell by Matthew Randazzo V, Jim Mitchell states, "I've been places with my cock you wouldn't go with a pistol." On page 221, the book continues, "Mitchell's favorite pastime while on the road with WCW was to film comedic home porn with ring rats and hold viewing parties for the boys at the hotels."

Then there was Rev. Thomas "Azazel" Blumenthal of Allen Park, Michigan, who made contact with members of President Bush's security detail and shortly thereafter was arrested for having kiddie porn on his computer. Blumenthal was a known child molester years before joining the Church of Satan. He served a 4 year sentence for soliciting sex with a child under 13. Reference, (1) (2) (3)

7. What Goes Around, Comes Around

In an eerie twist, Peter Gilmore describes the elitist tactic employed by the Church of Satan in his book, The Satanic Scriptures, page 47:

"That plebians have a capacity for swallowing-whole myriad concepts without factual basis is what makes them so easily manipulated. It is their inability to check the doled-out illusions against reality that allows this to continue. All the would-be leader needs to do is to tell his intended followers that they are somehow special, 'elect,' unique, or superior, and they will gleefully accept these false compliments. The leader simply tells his flock that they are elite, and points out some manifest destiny of his own choosing, and the sheep sprint to the slaughter. Never underestimate people's tendency to identify with something deemed superior by an authority figure in an attempt at self-elevation."

I could point to other examples, but what purpose would that serve? Some Church of Satan members are completely innocent - unaware of what goes on behind the scenes. If they knew what other members were involved with, they would disaffiliate poste haste! The Church of Satan is a sad imitation of evangelical Christians and the Catholic church. They assuage their flock and demonize outcasts, but are generally unrepentant and blind to their own hypocrisy.

On Wings of Leather,
Rev John D. Allee, Founder
Allee Shadow Tradition (ASTra)

For more info regarding "Church of Satan" politics, we suggest the CoS Files by Ole Wolf.

LaVey advised that he has been the victim of numerous attacks, both verbal and physical, because of his association with the Church of Satan. He advised because of the occasional notoriety that he receives as the founder and priest of the church association, he does attempt to surround himself with friends and associates when he travels. He advised these people are not armed and are not employed as bodyguards. LaVey stated that he is well aware that most people associated with the Church of Satan are in fact "fanatics, cultists and weirdoes." He stated that his interest in the Church of Satan as strictly from a monetary point of view and spends his time furnishing interviews, writing material, and lately has become interested in photography.

- FBI unclassified document - SF 89A-289 - pages 2 & 3
subject: Howard Stanton Levey, a.k.a. Anton Szandor LaVey