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The Art of Psychic Vampirism

NosferatuPsychic vampirism is a form of natural selection. It pits the will of one individual against another, testing psychological strengths and weaknesses. To the victor go the spoils; the reward is the vitality or life force of the one defeated. In the energy jungle, many adepts are all too aware of this psychic Darwinism. Whether you actively participate or not, you will inevitably become predator or prey. You may begin to experience increased energy, improved health, a sense of immortality or become prey to one more focused, balanced. We cannot insure your safety and it is not our purpose to debate the morality or ethics of such a treacherous game.

One who boasts of vast power and superior strength is often a good target, because more often than not they are compensating for a weak ego. Another good choice is the person who uses guilt to manipulate others or feigns mental illness to justify vile behavior. Another favorite prey are the halfwits who screech about moral culpability and political correctness - these amateur vampires cowardly invoke religious taboos to fatigue others through unwarranted guilt and fear. If perchance you should expose one of these fools, they will quickly attempt to incite you into a long-winded, drawn out, pointless debate in an attempt to usurp your vitality via tediousness! Of course, these techniques have long been used by Christians and are now being employed by dabblers too timid to boldly release their vampiric essence.

"Dracula" (pronounced drak-quel-ahh) is a Romanian expression which can be broken down; "dracul" means "the dragon" or devil, "a" added to the word means "the offspring of." Therefore, Dracula is the son of the devil.

From the Bible, Adam's son, Abel's brother is Caine (also often spelled Cain). Legend tells us that due to his punishment, Caine was the first vampire and said to be Dracul!

IMPORTANT: Do not anticipate results! You must have complete and absolute faith in the power of your psyche! Remain cool and confident and avoid obsession! Perform the ritual *passionately* and with total singularity of purpose! Upon completion, blow out the candles and relinquish all thoughts pertaining to the ritual -- that is, of course, until the next time. Above all, do not tell anything to anyone. Remember as with all magick - the pyramid: to know, to dare and to keep silent! Your victim must be kept totally ignorant about your nocturnal proceedings.


The altar should be positioned against or closest to the west wall. A plain black cloth will be your cover. On the altar you will have: two black candles with holders (additional lighting may be provided by black candles throughout the chamber), a ceremonial dagger, a human size realistic looking skull), a bell (the loud, clanging variety), and a chalice.

Optional: Above and behind the altar, at eye level, may hang a black inverted cross (this is not necessary). If you are using a photo of the intended person to help you focus, you may affix it to the wall or place it on the altar.


My favorite is Night On Bald Mountain by Mussorgski. A fabulous vampiress we know loves the theme from Miami Vice. Other choices will include selections from Wagner or Grieg. You may like Type O Negative, Dark Aria by Danzig, or movie soundtracks from Legend, Interview with the Vampire, the Hunger or Bram Stoker's Dracula. Others may prefer death metal or opera. Whatever you choose, remember that setting the correct "tone" is extremely important. Do experiment.


In this working the chalice must be filled with some red liquid which the celebrant enjoys. It matters not what it is. What is important is that it represents the blood of the sacrifice. Wine, non alcoholic grape juice, Hawaiian Punch brand drink, cherry soda, or tomato juice are fine choices.

The Black Flame

This must be placed in the center of your altar. A sterno can provide the bluish-black flame.


Black, of course! An amulet bearing the inverted pentagram must be worn. Full robe is optional, nudity is not appropriate for this ritual.


Ring bell -- six times in the direction of the south, six times toward the east, and six times toward the north. Lift dagger and point it to the west (or at crucifix) -- recite the invocation.


"In nomine dei nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi! In the name of the Master Satan, His Excellency Lucifer, I command the forces of Darkness and the Infernal Power within!"

(Trace a cross with the dagger -- top to bottom, then right to left. This may be inverted or equal armed)

(Light the Black Flame -- continue with invocation.)

"The Black Flame is kindled, and the Gates of Hell swing wide open, revealing the dreaded vampire Caine who comes forth to work His Will upon creation! Beware foolish mortals, for it is my double which now comes and appears before ye!

Behold! I am the god of yesterday, today, and tomorrow - the Guardian of Time and Eternity! Sovereign! Unique! Undefiled in wisdom! Unmatched in strength! I call upon the elements to serve me and the forces of creation to manifest my desires!! Arise! Enter into this Working by the words of which follow:"

(Again, point the dagger at the West -- recite the Invocation of the Elements:)

Invocation of the Elements

"Caine! Dracul! I seize upon and manifest the power of the vampyre. Come forth Caine, that I may use your form to execute my Exalted Daemonic Will! Color my imagination with stirring legend and folklore! Cloak me in layers of invisibility and secrecy. Bestow upon me stalk and flight - the form of wolf and bat! Enable me with sharp fang that I may pierce deep, sucking hard the rich, fresh warm blood of my chosen sacrifice!"

(Raise chalice towards crucifix as an Offering, dipping the index finger of your right hand into the liquid. As you speak your victim's name below, run that finger over the rim of the chalice in a counter-clockwise direction.)

"I partake of this chalice, the Vessel of Life, and gorge myself on the essence of him/her whose name is as this sound, (victim's name)."

(Drink from chalice - drain it completely!)

(You are now ready to summon forth the Four Crown Princes of Hell! As you pronounce each Name, trace the sign of the inverted pentagram in the air directly in front of you at full arms reach, using the ceremonial dagger.)

The Summoning

"Come forth O' Mighty Prince! Accompany me! Make your presence known to me!"

(face the south) "Satan!!"

(face the east) "Lucifer!!"

(face the north) "Belial!!"

(face the altar) "Leviathan!!"

The Grand Conjuration

"Behold the spirit of Caine, leaving a black shadow over the earth. 'Beware!! Beware!' scream the ravens of the night!!

By foot, by paw, by wing and claw, I hunt for quarry!! Through the angles of the curved dimensions I travel, flying out across the hot winds of Hell!! Concealed beneath my flowing cape, a crystal reveals where you hide!! I seek you (victim's name), I find you (v.n.), I track you down (v.n.)!! Behold, my fangs as I dive for your throat!! Feel my sharp, pointed teeth as they pierce your tender flesh!!

Huge leathery bat wings enfold you and surround you, making a prison from which there is no escape!! Hungry jowls tear into you, sucking deep!! Greedily gorging myself, I consume frantically all that there is!! Fresh life force now courses through my veins!!"

(The ritual now builds to a climax as you directly confront your victim - extend arms, fingers outstretched as if "reaching out" to his/her image. With the effort of your Supreme Will, repeat the following COMMAND several times until exhaustion ensues:)


"With ever increasing power, the form of the Vampyre Caine does manifest itself!! Look upon me (v.n.). Set your eyes upon my stare; you feel pulled - drawn towards my hypnotic glare!! My gaze is as deep as a bottomless well; you find yourself tumbling, falling - you fell!! All awareness is of me. You have forgotten who you are; you have no identity!! You are but a vassal, a vessel, a shell; obey my commands - you are under my spell!!

I drain you. I drain you, again and again; again and again and again and again. There is no end, 'til the last drop I've tasted. Your soul is now mine, (v.n.), you are wasted!!

The Vampyre is, the Vampyre was, the Vampyre shall be; my essence will live through eternity, forever to speak the word which comforts those who dwell in the shadows. Abrahadabra! Abrahadabra! Abrahadabra!

By the powers of darkness and shadow and light, I return to the world of the flesh and the living, ready to strike another night!!"

(Replace lid on sterno, covering the Black Flame.)

(Ring bell in opposite direction to Opening - clockwise.)


(Blow out candles.)


Copyright 1990, c.e. John Dewey Allee