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A Handbook of Werewolfism

by Frater D.



Part 1 : Theory

1) The Werewolf
2) Why the Werewolf?
3) The Power of Lycanthropy
4) A Brief Warning

Part 2 : Practice

5) Preliminary Exercises
6) The Blueprint
7) The Environment
8) Other Points of Interest
9) Effecting the Transformation



Neither the author nor the publisher will assume any responsibility for the use or misuse of the theories and instructions contained herein, or the misinterpretation of the same. You were warned! [top of page]


This book contains the basic elements for exploration into a fascinating, yet largely untouched, facet of occultism; Lycanthropy (Werewolfism). In this book I have outlined the basic theories and instructions for lycanthropy. I have summed up years of personal work with this subject here, and now I present to you the "meat" of my work. But before we go on, let me introduce myself. My initiatory name is Frater D, and I have been a practicing magician for several years. My work has taken me to many fascinating places and fields of study. So it was inevitable that the subject of werewolfism would cross my path. My initial investigation into the subject was admittedly “half-hearted”. However after a more serious look, it seemed as though this was more and more becoming a part of my achievable reality. The myths are somewhat exaggerated, but a type of physical transformation is possible, as you will soon see. I wrote this book primarily because a good text on the subject of actual transformation has never been written (As far as I know.), and I wanted to cover some new ground. So venture forward, and suspend your disbelief long enough to learn. [top of page]

The Werewolf: a brief description

Webster's 20th Century Dictionary defines a Werewolf thusly: "(In folklore), a person changed into a wolf, or one capable of assuming the form of a wolf at will." This is a fairly good definition considering the current scientific dogma. But for our purposes, I need to give a clearer, more accurate definition. So for this book we will define a Werewolf as: A person who has regressed, by force of will and desire, to a feral or wolflike state, both physically and mentally.

Let me expand in detail:

"A person who has regressed, by force of will and desire, to a feral or wolflike state.”: By this I mean a person who has temporarily cast off the societal chains that repress the id (In psychoanalysis the "id" is the part of the psyche responsible for basic animal instincts.). I say regression, because the “higher” or “civilized” mind takes a secondary position in the consciousness. Will is a great factor in the transformation, it takes a profound force of will to transform. Yet this is a worthwhile task for the magician, as the animal state is desirable on occasion, because of its liberating and stress purging effects. The word feral refers to a wild or untamed state. Indeed you are quite wild while in this state, which is why certain precautions must be taken (Which will be explained in a later chapter.) The wolf is the archetype of all that is wild and untamed. Yet it remains a noble and beautiful creature. Of course if you identify more with another animal, you can choose that one instead.

"Both physically and mentally.”: The transformation first takes place as a subjective shift in the consciousness of the person, but then proceeds to manifest itself in more physiological ways. This is not to say that you will grow fur and fangs, but rather that your body will act in a manner that is different from its natural state. Now that I have explained what a werewolf is, let's explore why we would wish to achieve this state. [top of page]

Why the Werewolf?

As you all know, the Werewolf is a fascinating and prevalent "myth". Stories of the Werewolf can be found around the world. This powerful creature seems to be rivaled in popularity only by the Vampire. There are several reasons for this prevalence, but I feel that the basic scientific/sociological reasons are the most fascinating. Inside man's brain there are certain tissue masses that control his primal desires; hunger, sex, etc. These parts appear to have been added onto in the process of evolution. That is to say that at one point these were "front seat" functions, that dominated our entire being. As man evolved and grew more complex, these functions began to take a "backseat" position. Of course we continue to need food, sex, etc., but in our highly technological society these are viewed as being of secondary importance to say, running a computer (Except for eating, which is viewed as necessary to maintain health and energy, so that you can run the computer!). Now we are in a worldwide state where our primal instincts are being repressed (by major religions) and ignored (by technology). But the instinct is still there, never dying, just hidden. I am not saying that you should drop on all fours, abandon higher reasoning and run wildly into the forest, I'm just saying that we must appreciate the entire being, including the animal within. This appreciation can be accomplished through lycanthropic metamorphosis. It's easy to see why achieving the animal state from time to time can be both liberating and fun. Just as long as we don't let it dominate our being. It is only one small part of the entire psyche, and to neglect the other parts would just put us back into the situation we're trying to avoid. [top of page]

The Power of Lycanthropy

So now that we know what Lycanthropy is and why it is a desirable state, let us explore what we can expect from the experience of metamorphosis. Here is a list of some of the powers that you may experience while in a state of lycanthropy. The experience will be different for everyone, but here are some of the more common experiences.

Augmented Senses: While in this state, one usually finds that every physical sense is enhanced. The colors are more vivid. The sounds are sharper and clearer. You can detect scents that you couldn't while in human form. Taste is richer (both good and bad). Your skin becomes highly sensitive to stimulus.

Increased Physical Prowess: While in this state, one usually finds that they have increased agility and strength.

Increased Sex Drive: This is a major experience in lycanthropy. However you must refrain from sexual Intercourse unless you have a willing partner, of legal age, who understands EXACTLY what is going on.

As for other powers/experiences, they will be different for everyone. So just experience the experience, so to speak, and keep in mind that with power comes responsibility. Werewolfism is no different. [top of page]

A Brief Warning

Lycanthropy can be dangerous if misused. So I will now outline the conditions under which the transformation must take place to insure its proper use.

1) Never use lycanthropy while angry, unless you are in a safe uninhabited environment. Doing this could cause a violent reaction, which will just make the situation worse.

2) Only use lycanthropy around people who you trust, and fully understand what you are doing. However it is best that you use it alone, as this better facilitates uninhibited release.

3) Only use lycanthropy in a proper environment, such as your own property, away from prying eyes. This better facilitates the transformation, and will help keep police calls about "wild animals roaming the neighborhood", down to a dull roar.

4) Do not let lycanthropy dominate your life. Obsession is a possibility, so you must, from time to time, examine yourself from the standpoint of an objective observer. Treat lycanthropy as something special, and don't over do it.

If you follow these guidelines you should be all right. This is an enjoyable experience, but caution must be taken. Once again I must repeat: Neither the publisher nor I will take any responsibility for the use or misuse of the theories and practices contained herein, or the misinterpretation of the same. [top of page]

Preliminary Exercises

Before we get into the actual techniques for effecting the transformation, there are 2 preliminary exercises that must be mastered. Devote an hour, 4 days a week (no more, no less), to practicing these exercises. Do not go on to the actual transformation until these have been mastered (At least 2 weeks practice.). After you have transformed for the first time, it is suggested that these exercises be continued, however, according to your own schedule.

Form Assumption: Position yourself in a manner that you feel a werewolf (Or other were-beast if you are not using a wolf.) would stand while resting. Then see your form become that of a werewolf. Just close your eyes, and imagine your body becoming that of a werewolf. See the transformation of your body. It is important that you experience this behind your eyes, meaning as if you were watching yourself transform from your normal perspective. Not from the perspective of an observer.

Mind Assumption: For this exercise, you must think and feel how you believe a werewolf would. Shift your consciousness to that of an animal. Experience your world through the eyes of a werewolf. Experience the urges and instincts of an animal.

After you have mastered these exercises and created the proper environment, you are ready for the transformation. [top of page]

The Blueprint

You will find it extremely useful to use a prop or costume in your practice of lycanthropy. The costume will serve as a blueprint for what you will become. I would not recommend using a full costume, but rather some artificial fur that can be affixed to your body. It is also up to you whether or not you will work nude with the fur, or clothed with the fur. It is much a matter of what you are comfortable with. It will also serve you well to use the same costume for every transformation. Be very thorough and selective when creating your blueprint. For the more adventurous and experienced occultist, I would even recommend attaching a lycanthropy thoughtform or astral pattern to the costume, as this can greatly aid the process. [top of page]

The Environment

In the practice of lycanthropy it is essential that you create the proper environment for the transformation. The following is a proper outline to work with.

1) Firstly the environment needs to be secure from prying eyes and intrusion (I do pity the unsuspecting intruder who encounters the lycanthrope while in werewolf cycle.)

2) The best environment is outdoors, in a natural forest setting (Or the natural environment of your particular animal, if you do not choose the wolf.) However it is often difficult to get both this and a secure environment in one package, so you may have to improvise according to your ingénue.

3) You may wish to consider placing some food within your environment. I would recommend a plate of cooked meat such as steak. This appeals directly to a powerful primal urge.

4) Be thorough and inventive. [top of page]

Other Points of Interest

In your practice of lycanthropy you may wish to use elements from various systems of occult thought to augment the experience. Here are two suggestions:

Invocation: You may wish to perform a ritual invocation of a lupine deity, spirit or principal to aid in your work. Since invocation in and of itself is beyond the scope of this small text, I suggest that you study a book that outlines this practice in detail. As for the godform itself, I highly recommend Fenris of Norse Mythology. (While on the subject of Norse mythology, I must suggest that you also learn of the Berserkers. Berserkers were special warriors that would don the skins of animals and fight with a wild animal rage against all enemies.)

The Moon: You may wish to time your transformations according to the lunar cycle. I have found this be particularly effective in my practice of this art.

Of course there are many more possibilities and avenues to be explored. I have included these because they have proven their effectiveness to me. As with all magical art, imagination and experimentation are essential. Therefore treat these instructions as a beginning for your exploration into this subject, and not the final word. [top of page]

Effecting The Transformation

I will now give you a technique for transforming yourself into a werewolf. You will probably have to practice and experiment a little with the technique to effect the transformation completely. Perseverance is the key.

- The Transformation -

A) Put on the animal "blueprint" costume.

B) Go to your designated area, and find a comfortable spot to sit. Close your eyes and clear your mind. Meditate upon the qualities of the animal that you wish to become. See it hunting, mating, etc. Become aware of your desire to be this animal, and let that desire grow in intensity.

C) Now examine the present stressors in your life, and think what it would be like if you could cast off the responsibilities of society, and become this beast. Let the stress that you feel fuel your desire to become the animal.

D) Visualize as intensely as possible, your chosen animal standing behind you. See it, feel it, conjure this image powerfully. When you can actually "feel" the creature, see it step into your body. (In this step you are actually creating an astral archetype to aid in the process.)

E) Now see your form become that of the animal. Visualize this as intensely as possible. Will yourself to become the animal.

F) Now take on the mind of the animal as in the preliminaries. Ignore all thoughts that are not those of an animal. Don't think in words, but rather pictures and experiences. Will a total consciousness merger with the animal.

G) When you have achieved a good degree of success with this, get up and move like a werewolf (or your particular animal). Move exactly how you feel that a werewolf should move. Act like the animal, sniff the air, listen to the sounds around you, and search with a piercing stare into dark corners and shadowed areas. Run, snarl, howl, do whatever it is that you feel is right. Become the animal in thought and action. If the moon is in view, it can serve as a powerful focal point.

H) As you are acting like the animal, find the dominant emotion that you are feeling and try to intensify it (If it is lust, then sexually stimulate yourself. If it is joy, then more fully revel in what you are becoming.)

I) When you are at the "peak" of this exercise (In the case of lust, this would be orgasm.), feel yourself transform completely. You are now the animal. You may find that your body transforms. Again, This not to say that you will grow fur and claws, but rather your body will use itself in a manner that you are not used to. This is a sign of great progress, just go with it.

J) When you are ready to return to your normal human state, just sit down, and separate yourself from the animal. Take on your normal consciousness, go get something to eat, take a nap, and relax.

There you have it! That was simple wasn't it? Of course it will get easier each time, but it was probably much easier than you anticipated. You now have a great gift, use it wisely. I recommend that you experiment with your own ideas. Be original, innovative and passionate with your application of lycanthropy. It has been said before (and quite wisely so!), that there is no room for authority in occultism. [top of page]


It is my hope that this short text has broadened your studies and awakened your imagination to the possibility of new experiences. It is my opinion that the liberating effects of lycanthropy can prove indispensable to the magician. Especially those who work in a “darker vein” of the art such as myself. There is still much to be explored on the subject. Hopefully in the future I will publish further findings and points of interest pertaining to this and related subjects.


Firstly, I would like to thank Frater Zeht and the O.L.N., whose teachings have aided me greatly with my work on this subject. I also wish to extend the deepest gratitude to all of my teachers and students who continue to instruct and inspire me. And lastly to my wife and son for their infinite patience and understanding as I Invoke the Mysteries.

Infernally, Frater D. [top of page]