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The Xloptuny Curse

"And yet the gauntlet lies there, rusting in its pile with the other unanswered challenges
I have made to allee. allee and his klan of bedwetters *did* go so far as to "curse" me...
and yet here I am: just as healthy, happy, and horny as I was in the beginning (maybe more so)."

John C. Davis aka "Xloptuny" - alt.satanism - 07/07/1999


"Any day now, you will be reaching for that service revolver and pointing
it toward the roof of your mouth. I feel sorry for you... pity for you..."

John Allee aka "Lord Egan" to Xloptuny - alt.satanism - 07/07/1999


"Mr. Davis died as the result of a contact gunshot wound to the right temple/region of the head.
His skull was fractured and his brain perforated and irreparably damaged . . .
SUICIDE, we are told it was a suicide."

-- Franklin County Coroner's Office on the death of John C. Davis, June 27, 2000

The suicide of prominent online Church of Satan (CoS) member John C. Davis, aka "Xloptuny," has shook up the Satanic world like no other event in recent memory. It is not merely the fact of the suicide of this man, known for his neo-Nazi views and for his foul tongue when dealing with his perceived enemies, that has caused all the fuss, but also the extenuating circumstances surrounding his death: a curse placed upon him by John Allee, Founder of the Allee Shadow Tradition (ASTra).

The real irony here is found in the reactions of so many CoS Satanists or CoS sympathizers reactions that might have seen even Anton LaVey himself spinning in his grave (if he hadn't been cremated).

The irony that someone who often called himself "Death Defiant" ended up blowing his brains out has been alluded to many times already, and need not be expanded upon here. What is interesting, however, is the way in which some have predictably tried to rationalize Xloptuny's suicide as a Yukio Mishima-inspired act of heroism. Ironically, those trying so hard to canonize Mr. Davis thusly now have decided to conveniently ignore the book they are always waving about like a black flag at most other times: The Satanic Bible. In this sense, we see that many Satanists really behave exactly like Christians: they follow the precepts of their religion when it's easy to do so, when it suits them, but are quick to abandon them when it really counts.

Page 94 of The Satanic Bible specifically states: "Self-sacrifice is not encouraged by the Satanic religion. Therefore, unless death comes as an indulgence because of extreme circumstances which make the termination of life a welcome relief from an unendurable earthly existence, suicide is frowned upon by the Satanic religion." There is little ambiguity in this passage. As there is no reason to believe that Xloptuny was in "extreme circumstances which make the termination of life a welcome relief," he died as a traitor to the Church whose cause he so often trumpeted, the defense of which he used as a rationale for his often black and bilious attacks on his enemies. Apparently "the great Dr. Anton LaVey's" words meant little or nothing to John C. Davis when he arrived at the moment of truth.

Perhaps even more interesting is the reaction of many Satanists to the curse placed on Xloptuny by Lord Egan. Some of the more materialistic types both within and without the CoS have seen fit to scoff at the notion of a curse, insisting that such things are mere "Dungeons and Dragons"-styled fantasies which have no place in a cynical postmodern technoworld such as ours.

If this latter point indeed be the case, then late Anton Szandor LaVey must have been playing "D & D games" during his entire tenure as CoS High Priest. We are told, for instance, in the LaVey biography The Secret Life of a Satanist (TSLOAS), that: The formalized curse . . . is more than an exorcism of pent-up emotion. It is a true destruction ritual with all reserve tossed aside to generate wild emotion and focus it on the object of contempt or anger. That way the person who caused the pain is made to suffer rather than the one who harbors the feelings-- the destruction is turned back on the one who deserves it.(89)

Now, with this passage in mind, let's look at a post from Xloptuny from as recently as June 8, 2000, a mere few weeks before he killed himself:

"Pardon me while I shed a tear that allee's online lonely-hearts club has become more lonely. One day, perhaps, allee will find that industrial-strength shower rod for which he has been so desperately searching and spasmodically kick his heels on the porcelain...."

Following the logic of the passage from TSLOAS, it is easy enough to see that what Lord Egan did was merely redirect Xloptuny's seething rage back at him. The more Xloptuny ranted and raved, and attempted to debase his enemy in the most malicious possible manner, the more he worked to make sure the curse would be effective. Accordingly, as Lord Egan has pointed out, magic is natural, not supernatural. Those who would scoff at that notion should note that Anton LaVey himself agreed with it:

"Magic requires working in harmony with nature" he said. "Magic works" (89).

In relation to this, other Satanists, both CoS and non-CoS, have lamented the fact that Lord Egan and many of Xloptuny's quite numerous enemies (the man DID go out of his way. . . ) have now taken the opportunity to do a little dance on his grave. It should go without saying that anyone who holds such an opinion is merely a Christian in black clothing, crying out "Lex Talionis" as a mere pose while secretly holding the morals of a New Testament devotee. It is this issue which in fact seems to have now split the CoS itself into opposing factions. The truth of the matter was perhaps best summed up by one "Mr. Vad," a CoS Priest, on alt.satanism: "The slaves might ask for respect" he writes. "I've seen snippets of the conversation between Davis and Egan, and I would expect no 'respect for the dead' -- they were enemies. To expect Mershon and Egan to 'show respect' is a solipsistic fallacy."

Lex Talionis, indeed. And isn't solipsism one of the "Nine Satanic Sins" of LaVeyan doctrine? Again, how convenient, how very Christian of those who would demand that Xloptuny's enemies now show him respect. "Satanists must strive to to apply the dictum of 'Do unto others as they do unto you'" LaVey writes of the solipsistic Satanic sin (TSLOAS 245). When Davis gets exactly the treatment in death that he gleefully dished out in life, however, some seem to illogically apply the "do unto others" dictum, feeling that this only has value if either they or those they hold dear are the ones "doing unto others." They, however, wish to be treated in a compassionate, Christian manner at all times! Out of all the telling reactions of "Satanists" over the Davis suicide, this one has really separated the wolves from the lambs.

Finally, it is interesting to note that Anton Szandor LaVey based much of his public reputation on his ability to curse people. TSLOAS is chock full of such incidents: the infamous curse of Jayne Mansfield associate Sam Brody ("You will be dead within one year. Sam Brody, I pronounce that you will be dead within one year!" [109]), and an entire chapter (195-198) called "Curses and Coincidences," which includes the successful curse on Detroit TV talk show host Lou Gordon. It is therefore the zenith of hypocrisy for anyone who claims to follow the LaVeyan creed to turn around now and express either outrage that Lord Egan would do such a nasty thing as to actually curse one of his enemies, or to belittle the power of magic to destroy an enemy.

If anything, Egan's curse on Xloptuny is even more impressive, as it was forecast on the Internet in a public forum, and was repeatedly referred to by the object of the curse himself -- it was not a feat described after the fact. In fact, Anton LaVey himself would no doubt been impressed by the efficacy of this magical working, unlike some of his more biased and solipsistic current followers afraid to give the enemy his due. With the curse on Xloptuny, Lord Egan's own occult legend has truly begun.

- Joe Necchi, Priest, FCoS